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Locating Buried Private Non-Utility Lines on Your Property

By locating buried private, non-utility lines on your property before our crews arrive (including anything past your meter), you can help us avoid accidents on your property during fiber and drop construction. Non-utility lines can be marked using yard flags, spray painting approximate lines around the area on your lawn, or by speaking directly with our crew foreman on site.

Examples of private, non-utility lines:

  • Drainage pipes
  • Buried electric fences
  • Buried landscape lighting
  • Invisible pet fences
  • Sprinkler and/or irrigation systems
  • Propane lines
  • Private water, electric, and/or natural gas lines run past the meter. Utility companies typically locate their side of the lines, but these locates may not include additional lines running throughout your property.
  • Future backyard projects and renovations. If you plan on completing a project on your property in the coming months or even years, let us know and we can run our lines around the projected project area.