Construction Information FAQs

Clean Up

Construction can be messy, but we will take precautions to ensure minimal disturbance to your neighborhood during the process. We will be diligent in cleaning up after ourselves as construction is completed in your area.

Once our crews complete the underground construction in your area, we will ensure that your property is returned to its original condition. We do so by filling in any digging areas and laying grass seed over these affected areas. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your property during or after our construction, please contact us directly by emailing Customer Service.


After mainline construction crews have installed the fiber and pedestals, the next step is splicing, or connecting the mainline fiber to the drop (the fiber to your home or business).

Pulling Strand & Lashing Fiber (Overhead Utilities)

Overhead mainline fiber construction is a two-step process. First, the strand cable is installed and will serve as a backbone for the fiber lines. Next, crews will lash (attach) fiber onto the previously installed strand cable. The fiber is accessed from a tap which is placed on poles by crews. A tap can be considered a transformer, connecting the fiber to your home from the mainline. The tap also serves as housing and protection for the fiber.

Boring, Pulling Pipe & Setting Pedestals (Underground Utilities)

When electrical pathways are underground, crews will bore to connect our pipes from one point to another. Boring allows our crews to make this connection without destroying the existing surrounding landscape and obstacles on the ground between the two points. Boring also allows us to complete our construction with minimal disruption to your neighborhood by going underneath driveways, sidewalks, and fences.

In some locations, our crews will be plowing in an orange pipe in the existing HEMC Right of Way to provide a pathway for our fiber lines. Once this is completed in your neighborhood, you may see some orange pipe sticking out of the ground near the electric transformer boxes. Please do not disturb, cut, or remove this visible orange pipe, as this will be used to connect homes in your neighborhood to our fiber network once the remaining mainline fiber construction is completed.

After a pathway is established, the fiber will be connected in a pedestal which is placed on the ground by crews. The pedestal serves as housing and protection for the fiber. These pedestals are easily accessible for splicing crews once the time comes to drop/pull fiber to your home or business.

We want our customers to have the best experience possible during and after our construction, so our crews will be taking care to avoid any disruption to your property or lifestyle. Locator crews for 811 will mark any utility lines on your property. These include public utility lines for water, electricity, and broadband services.

Please note: Trailwave Fiber relies on other providers to cooperate with us when locating underground lines. At times, other providers will not locate their lines before our construction, which may unfortunately result in lines being temporarily disrupted. Please know that we intend to complete our construction with no disruptions to you and your neighbors — if you have any concerns throughout our construction, please email our construction team.